Reviews for "An Animal Crossing Tale"

Oh god XD nice, I was expecting the psycho villager or maybe a jumpscare but this was really fun! =D good job!

The story line was excellent. The animation was smooth. You did nice work parodying a classic. Thanks for the amazing animation short. I can't wait for your future projects.

Amazing, the video was fantastic the whole way through, and I love your interpretation of the game as well ;)

I loved it, it was pretty understated and very well executed. It could use a bit more frames to make it less choppy, but overall 9/10, and 5 stars. Looking forward to seeing more work!

Behold, the newest animatoe od our generation,
I loved any moment of the animation, it was perfect, I really had good time watching it, and I might even watch it later again, it had a really neat voice acting even tho it was blunt but on purpose due for the character personality the animation was really cool, so was your art style, there were even dimensional parts which is not a common thing animators do nowadaws.
The animation.
The plot was wroth a giggle, and was really entertaining, it had everything, original humor, a stable slow story, chill animation, it had all the basics and even a proper end, it even had a short after the credits, it was great, I loved it!
Oh man, I havent write a positive comment for years!! I have been browsing this place since it only had it's first baby shoes, and boy I tell ya, the leastest years werent the brightest, and animations werent nothing but people refrencing popular people, refrencing memes or gags, or doing whatever everybody were doing, with no a proper work on their stuff, cheap animation and le so random xDDD jokes, even enough to make me steamy about it.
but heyyy! now that was something to bright my day and not sigh over what I have been watching, you should go forward and evolve into something even bigger! you have a big potential!
Magnificent job, never quit what you are doing, you got it!