Reviews for "An Animal Crossing Tale"

Dude, that was fuckin great. The whole story behind the thing was hilarious and I really loved the voice acting. It really worked out well. I couldn't help laughing throughout the entire video. Nicely done.

Really nice, just when i thought that it would end, it still went on (in a good way) I especially like how its only simple shapes but it works very well!

Great story, man!!! It becomes even better when the audience no that you put your childhood passion in it! =BBB
Oh, and I loved the art style as well... and the soundtrack... and everything else hehe xD

Not so much funny like I thought it was gonna be. But still nice storyline.

This animation is amazing , everything is pretty good .
The voice acting is nice , the animation style is a bit bland , the music used is neat, the story is quite impressive and this is an overall great animation .
Keep up the good work .