Reviews for "An Animal Crossing Tale"

Oh my god You get a bulls-eye cause...its animal crossing. I love the art...the voices for each of the characters ...well the ones involved in the story. The story building...ish and i love it how we follow the main character thru out his day to see what he wants to do when there are no errands that need to be done. The lesson that was delivered (if there wasn't suppose to be one sorry) To me the lesson is "be nice and help everyone out once in a while". The ending after the credits was great. I am curious to what happened to the beetles he let fly around in his house.

That was Fantastic! I hope to see more later!

Amazing mate!
Please do more!

Cute animals. Funny too. The guy was pretty casual and cool. The art was really good! And i wish i lived in this strange world. Deserves these 5 stars.

amazing please do more