Reviews for "An Animal Crossing Tale"

I have never played the game, but I have heard the rumors about people asking you to do favors for them and whatnot. It was pretty calm at first, then it gotten intense during the middle then went back to calm in the end. I liked it, nice job.

Now that was quite the suspenseful feature.
Love the surprise ending.

Very nice story! As an avid Animal Crossing player it would be interesting to see a random twist like that during your everyday life. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work. Top quality. Frontpage coming soon for you!

Twisted4000 responds:

Thanks, I'm probably gonna have to wait 'till this whole Madness Day thing is over before I see it on the FP, though, lol. But again, thanks.

Neat little animation, I really love what you guys have done, I wish I had something cool to say but I'm just mesmerized. It was very pleasant, the animation is smooth and colorful, and KDPOJEZI I don't know the words it's just.. You nailed it.