Reviews for "An Animal Crossing Tale"

Would've been fun if they added this to the games. Did you base this on any one in particular?

Twisted4000 responds:

Base this on anyone in particular? I'm not quite sure what you mean by "anyone", you mean a specirfic person as the main character, or?

How do you make movies? Anyone plz resond

Twisted4000 responds:


"Is on the other ridge staring at the guy"

Me: Holy Crap!....... Nah just one more coffin to make.... (goes away as nothing has happened)

Him: ......... O-o

Indeed very nice animation!

The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars in the review is because a lot of the animation was choppy but I LOVED THIS.

why did the hole have a * on top of it?

Twisted4000 responds:

In the game when you bury something, a star-shaped crack appears on the surface