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Reviews for "Ninja Action - 5"

Nice Movie Dude! Any Details How's Going With Ninja Action Game?

Thanks for putting this next installment of Ninja Action here on newgrounds along with some english subtitles ;)

Hmm, is that error screen at the end intentional? It flickers by so fast I thought it'd be an easter egg, but it looks like a real one... which makes me wonder. Anyway, the action was great, though some of the things the celebrities say don't really make sense to me! I guess it's more of a cultural thing than any flaw in translation - you need to know the people to get the jokes/how they act, but the subs are great! I remember last time there weren't any, so that's definitely a big improvement. In the end though, action without reference transcends all cultural borders, like the figure skating. Best one. XD Looking forward to No6!



just wtf :DDD