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Reviews for "Madness Combat AV"

Haha, hilarious, but maybe you should stick to your madness art. Seeing unusual anime madness for the first time in a movie.....lol!

this was very well done. excellent way on drawing the madness cast as humans, or as manga humans, to be exact.
flawless work, with nice action, and remind me of the past.
nostalgia ftw....

good movie. do more

that was epic you should cuntenue this :D

5 stars for a more realistic approach to Madness characters.
But I always imagined The Trinity much more muscular. I imagine Hank as a 2 meters or even more tall walking cupboard of immense strenght yet able to dodge bullets and perform Matrix-styled tricks.

Stepping stone to greatness.

I'm sure you'll improve soon and probably be able to create a full episode of it.

As for me, I'll still try. If I still can't do great arts, I'll make great fanfics. If I got writer's block, I might try to create a game. I will wish you luck on your progress