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Reviews for "MadnessImpact"

very action packed

Fucking Genius

Lol Vassline took the sounds of Tekken! XD

happy madness day! this did seem that stand ford had way more aggility then he used to

It was very nice collaborative project. Too bad that some of these animators are not active on this site so much :/ This movie is big surprise to me. It is better than I thought. Liuz had nice animating style. Gibb, I know your parts were old but really enjoyable as always :) Vassline- Nice creativity in action (the last scene made me Wow) but you need to pay more attention to details like walking on the bodies. And you need to work more on smoothnes. NightAt - pretty nice and smooth animation and non chaotic action. Too bad you are not animating anymore :/ About movie. Next time all the animator should use the same type of camera and The end should be better.. but it doesnt matter. I like it a lot :) Good work from all of you.

liuzirui1122 responds:

thanks for the detailed review. This project might be one of the longest-delayed cooperative madness project..(compared with mtc3 lol). nightAT should have done more part but if he hadn't gone to the army, and viridian should have joined this too.. I used to believe this project dead. however I managed to get the members and me myself to finish this.