Reviews for "Incident:051A"

Well you certainly did good on the body motions, although the jumping seemed kind of slow travelling. The action sequences were really well done, and didn't seem like a curb-stomp like most others; the protagonist here actually pulled off some pretty cool stunts, and the bad guys themselves were able to graze his face with a couple of shots. It's not often I watch a madness flash where I think the hero is in any actual danger.

Cethic responds:

Well he isn't a trained merc. Just some guy jacked up on a super drug.

Dat yeelon.

Wow thats awesome, the demon its not scary :)

i liked it... but who is the that demon smiley guy? i saw him in other videos too and didnt really watch madness in a while

Cool movie.
For most of it I was like "oh, pretty good style imitation, looks like an original from first third of series. Ending made me laugh.
Half a star was taken for... IDK, it just doesn't seem perfect in stuff like pace and dynamics, and the ending was somehow unfinished. Well... keep up the good work