Reviews for "Incident:051A"

O_O wow like this.....
stars 5

Good job! the shadowy and smiling character in the last one, I really wanted to see more of him...he's been left mostly unexplained in both incident 111a and this one. I do mostly think that's what became of the auditor when he....unintentionally absorbed Tricky.

Nice Movie Dude! A Grunt Making a "Keeling Spree!!!" Well he Could Take the Deagle (And maybe the Revolver). But What Ever. I was, Thinking is it gonna continue? Cause What I Saw, is that
the Grunt mer that Creepy guy. And i think, that if the Battle Begin betewn them, Maybe
The Grunt will die Queakly in a Short Battle. Cool Movie! How's Going?

Awesome , :0
This reminded me of incident 111a

Nice work dude!!

Cethic responds:

You realize you forgot to put any stars right lol?