Reviews for "Incident:051A"

Guys Watch The Oringal Or The Haunted Face Guy When He A Normal Guy In REALMS:Protect 00X !

Cethic responds:


I agree with this!!!

nice animation, good graphics, and original incident

Really good, the movement was kinda slow. Hope you can work on it :)


I like it. Nice action, non chaotic. Kills are creative,animation is smooth. Find i found there one problem. Same as in Kelzad movie, you are trying to copy Krinkels style. Why? Why dont you make your own style of animation. It would be more original. And it would looks more special to me. Krinkels is only one. Sure it is your choice. But that why I am giving you only 4,5* I think you want to be remembered as Cethic not as Krinkels no.2 . I have nothing against you. I like your animations, you are improving so much and you have my respect. and this movie will go to my favorites. But I just wanted to tell you what i had on my heart. If you understand me.

Cethic responds:

I know what you mean man, and I have found my own style i am comfortable with. I just wantd to try it out as an experiment.

Thanks for the review though.