Reviews for "Madness Cleanification"


that is one mad janitor alright XD its really good all u guys should watch it also gabe you put a little more face expressions in it and yeah this is awesom like hell

When the red armored dude went all "rage"like, I was pretty sure he would be screwed...but I did not expect the Janitor to snap in this episode. I also did not expect he was a martial artist XD well, madness doesn't need reason I guess

Damn, this was amazing! But how come t instead of m? Anyways insanely awesome animation, lots of blood, and awesome music and fights! Hope olive to see another!!!

In the majority of your videos, Your main charecter has way too much of an oversaturated ego, eg. coffe rage. Its like trying to watch WWE without cringing. On top of that hes also a godlike imortal representation of yourself. Everything seems so predictable and he barely faces any real challenge because of his god like power. Hes too contrasted from the rest of the madness world making it hard to enjoy. However in this one, he dies he actually dies, which is why I'm giving this submission 5 stars. Great work mixing it up