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Reviews for "Pakamari"

vary well put together..
but if you could make a few adjustments like allowing the player to use WASD instead of just up arrow key...
that and strafing and walking backwards would be welcomed as well

but aside from that I enjoyed the game

Well constructed game. I can see much potential if you choose to further this project. Powerups would be nice; in a style similar to Pacman I can see an invulnerability power up that rolls over the zombies, making their bodies explode into rag doll physics across the map. The art pops, and the anime mascot is a nice touch.

Fun, but I wish the mini map in the corner wouldn't rotate when I do. It's very challenging to figure out, especially if you're in a pinch and need to escape zombies. Also, please allow moving forward with the "W" key!

You need to use Screen.LockCursor somewhere (Locks the player's mouse to the middle of the screen so it doesn't fly out trying to make those turns). Then bind the escape key to release it.

Cool concept, but much like FPSMan, I can't see myself continuing to play this for very long after the novelty wears off. LOVE YOUR ART THOUGH, especially those creepy...things that cause death.

I'd suggest adding achievements; but...it's my fault that I haven't finished uGrounds completely that makes it difficult to do it in Unity, so I apologize.

well there's a problem rolling stuff up......

something can get caught/rolled up and slow the movement to a halt.