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Reviews for "Pakamari"

Wow I like the style and uniqueness

very interesting. make upgrades now

This is an amazingly new twist to an old classic. It's easy to learn, but difficult overall. The music fit, the map was nice, the controls fit well into the game. The enemies are balanced in speed so that they can be escaped if you play carefully. The map spinning was a bit odd, but knowing which enemies to avoid and which ones are safe would be an improvement. The gameplay is short enough that in as little as 5 minutes (and ten seconds) I could complete a round, or I could play for hours since the enemy movement is almost never predictable, and therefore the game has nice replayability.

As you have been made aware through the comments, the creatures add an unusually steep slowdown if even one touches your ball at the wrong angle. Often, when on straightaways, the creatures on your ball will make you virtually stuck in place while trying to escape the fastest ones.

It's a difficult, yet new concept, and I feel it was done well.

I found it quite a fun gimmick, and I'm surprised nobody has thought of this before. My only gripe, besides what others have said before, is a way to know which colour zombies are where. You get the notification you can roll up purple zombies, but then right from around the corner show up a blue one. Maybe make the enemies instead of red be their respective colour?

I really like the idea and music and stuff; the anime girl is very adorable and this whole game is awesome but it is a bit hard to control with mouse -just my opinion c: other than that I like it