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Reviews for "Pakamari"

It looks fun but it is simply an old concept for me. You can make a 3D HD Pac man but its still pac man no matter how shinny it is lol. Also controls need some work. Nothing more distracting then seeing your mouse fly across the screen as you play. I love the look of the girl and zombies though. :) other then the controls its not a bad game. I give it a meh.

well so far the opening menu look FABULOUS ..but that's where it ends for me seems my window and utility player won't and or cannot handle this much awesome kinda ...............sad now :( any who keep being fabulous.

Graphics are amazing and overall concept for mix-up works. Controls needs improvement however and I didn't get a lot of fun from playing this game.

Well constructed game. I can see much potential if you choose to further this project. Powerups would be nice; in a style similar to Pacman I can see an invulnerability power up that rolls over the zombies, making their bodies explode into rag doll physics across the map. The art pops, and the anime mascot is a nice touch.

vary well put together..
but if you could make a few adjustments like allowing the player to use WASD instead of just up arrow key...
that and strafing and walking backwards would be welcomed as well

but aside from that I enjoyed the game