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Reviews for "Pakamari"

Fun, but I wish the mini map in the corner wouldn't rotate when I do. It's very challenging to figure out, especially if you're in a pinch and need to escape zombies. Also, please allow moving forward with the "W" key!

having the minimap rotate when you do was very annoying and counterintuitive.

I really REALLY want to play this because it sounds great and looks great. I for one am crazy about Katamari. I was ready to have an amazing experience, but unfortunately I can't get this to play. I've tried at least a dozen times. The game will load but every time I click Start, Unity Player crashes, and I'm really confused as to why it's playing for other people. What I can tell you is that I tried loading this game on both Google Chrome and Firefox, and that my operating system is Windows 7. I'll try re-installing Unity Player to see if that by chance does anything but in the mean time, i really hope that you please fix this issue.

Not bad, i had a lot of fun , brilliant graphics, but the camera angle and the controls are a bit wierd.

I have to applaud your graphics, they are the best I have seen with unity so far, and your description is very apt. However, the level is too large to be entertaining in the way pacman is, I would personally recommend you lock the controls to be more like pacman, so that you press the arrows to move in some direction at a brisk pace, rather than slowly moving the character around. The game has potential, but is currently too slow to be very entertaining. Great graphics though.