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Reviews for "Pakamari"

I'm terrible at this but I could listen to it all day.

You need to use Screen.LockCursor somewhere (Locks the player's mouse to the middle of the screen so it doesn't fly out trying to make those turns). Then bind the escape key to release it.

Cool concept, but much like FPSMan, I can't see myself continuing to play this for very long after the novelty wears off. LOVE YOUR ART THOUGH, especially those creepy...things that cause death.

I'd suggest adding achievements; but...it's my fault that I haven't finished uGrounds completely that makes it difficult to do it in Unity, so I apologize.

Not bad for a Katamari clone.

Sure it needs work (mainly the controls) But for the most part it's pretty solid. Hell who would have thought a Katamari tribute would make it here on Newgrounds?

Main problem here is that the controls are rather wonky. My deaths were almost entirely caused by an inability to get Unity to go where I wanted her to go, as she kept turning and running in to the wall. Still, an interesting idea, and fun to play.

Any idea why does this keep on crashing after clicking Start button? I've tried Chrome and IE so far, updated Unity player and every plugin I had.