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Reviews for "Pakamari"

Good Game.

well there's a problem rolling stuff up......

something can get caught/rolled up and slow the movement to a halt.

Game keeps crashing everytime I click 'Start'. :/ Considering how laggy it gets after initial load, I'm guessing it's beyond my computers capacity... but at least the intro screen looked promising! Not many games have an animated welcome character on the menu.


I really like the idea and music and stuff; the anime girl is very adorable and this whole game is awesome but it is a bit hard to control with mouse -just my opinion c: other than that I like it

Cute game, I enjoyed it, but I did not like the controls, not because it was buggy for me, but I can't even begin to understand how a right handed person is able play this game easily without practice; the mouse was the only thing to control the camera, and the up arrow was the only thing to move the girl, the only way possible to make that comfortable is if I pushed my keyboard to the far left, so my hands wouldn't be squished together awkwardly on the right. I'm sure this was perfect for left handed people who automatically have their mouse on the left, so their right hand can rest freely on the arrow keys, but it was a pain for us right handed folks. Maybe if you allowed the "W" button to move the girl, the game could have been a lot less difficult.