Reviews for "Run, Jump, Meow"

Pretty nice little game. I like the chiptune sound effects and the music's decent too...

FateModified responds:

Thank you. :)

A simple game and that's good. Quite simple graphics too.

Some tips if you would like to hear it:

1. The texts should come at appropriate time. Say the hold key text should come at the first jump, cause a simple tap on the first jump doesn't make the cat go over the building.
2. Cats skins unlock/ Music unlock will keep players interested
3. Some goal measurement popup. This will allow players to keep in check say at every 10mph mark.
4. Maybe there can be some mini game, like mice that are on the roof, scoring bonus points when the cats catch them.

Overall, a simple game with a lot more potential to become a great game.

FateModified responds:

Those are all great ideas. I will work on this game some more and try to add your suggestions to them. Thanks! :)

Nice game, simple and repetitive!
-Possibly incorporate medals linking to NG
-Highscore tabel for NG
-Unlockable features (Different locations, or cat skins)

When you get the chance, check out my game!

FateModified responds:

Yes, those are great ideas, and I plan to work on adding them to the game. Thanks for the suggestions my friend. I'll check out your game too. :)

This is nice. The simple addition of the double and triple jumps, plus the ability to have greater control over your jump, makes it really feel like you have more control over the character - after all, you can't only jump to one height in real life.

FateModified responds:

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback! :)

love it, the only thing it needs are medals

FateModified responds:

Thanks! I'll look into finding out how to add medals. :)