Reviews for "Famous Painting Parodies5"

Not another installment...
Forget it! Each is as great as the initial idea. Still looking forward to every Munguia painting gallery.
Thanks a lot!

PS: (minor bug) Sometimes, when you use the glasses to watch the original, the parody fades out but then suddenly switches back. To see the original you have to leave the button and hover over it again.


To get the "Are You Kidding Me?" medal, you have to get every answer wrong.
5/5, I played through this game 6 times without a walkthrough just to get all the medals. :D
I love these games!!!!

I love your parody games. I managed to get all of the medals except for "Are you kidding me?". It's probably something really simple that I looked right over. :)

i love this game

I love your parodies! Each one is well thought out and clever.