Reviews for "Famous Painting Parodies5"

why so many medals????????????????

Ah, outstanding! took me a few tries but only because I didn't recognize 5 of them. ;)

LOVE IT. MOARRRR. I love symbolism games, and these extraordinary painting parodies of yours are no exception! ;) mmmmmm Symbology.

I love your famous painting parodies series so much! Please keep on making them! :)

Well done! I enjoyed your parodies and the challenge level. Good game.

It's been awhile, hasn't it? These are getting harder, as I do not know of many of them. It's still pretty nice to play though. I appreciate you making all of these. My mom would probably be better at this. I like how goofy they turn out to be.

The music is quite fun too. I guess at most of them. At least I can know some blatant wrong answers. I don't think Miley Cyrus pained anything. Maybe someday you'll include famous fanart!