Reviews for "Famous Painting Parodies5"

Oh yeah, gotta enjoy those funny re-makes of the drawings. The humor definitely makes the quiz more fun and worthwhile to try, and paint games are beast!

In case anyone is wondering, you can unlock the Secret medal: Are you kidding me?" by getting ALL the answers wrong.

Can u do an other word game 5 difference game with the words?
Honey moon
Bath tub

4/5 for the ingeniousness of the parodies, and work put into the making them. 1/.5 mark for the GUI, medal giveaways and huge bug. The interface is rather simple and unappealing, and anyone can easily acquire all the medals and huge amount of points, for the work put into it...actually that isn't true, because of the bug. When you get an answer wrong, you have time to press the other two choices before it fades to the next screen, so you can get it right every time.

The series is growing, I Enjoy this game a lot.
I Got all 3 stars. I Got to get the rest of those medals. I did most of them. Keep it up

The series just keeps going! Again at least a couple (probably more) that have been in previous games already, but all new takes at least. Wonder if you forget which ones you've included earlier or maybe intentionally add the real classics in many of these so they really get imprinted in our heads? :P Also, would be neat with some original ending screens, like they used to be in the originals. This megamind is the same as last one and the one before... I think. Keep it going though!


Munguia responds:

Thanks for revierwing Cyberdevil, Mona Lisa and The Scream are on all but not anymore on FPP 6, besides other classics they will be over and over as easy part on levels, repetition is a good clue on learning, the endings will be change, thats fair, for 6 episode, no more Monalisas at test, but are on Endings. The Series comes with "Movie Stars Parodies" and "Famous Sculptures Parodies", coming soon "Famous Photos Parodies"