Reviews for "Surf : : Aces"

It's got potential but it seems very buggy for me. Especially on my end for some reason the game crashes when you clear the stage maybe my computer sucks but I dunno. Could be better with another try

GuardianOfIrael responds:

Odd for the crashes > <
Never happened during testing, let me know if you try again! ^ ^

Decent game, although there are a few frustrating things about it. I am a fan of difficult games, but only if they seem possible. At times this game seemed like it was nearly impossible to complete. I could not tell if there was a bug in the game or if it was intentional.

During the second segment of the auto-pilot surface there is no time to dive down before I die. It also seems like the triple jump segment is impossible even with precise jumping.

As for the medals, there is a bug where they do not unlock until you view the achievement tab.

GuardianOfIrael responds:

Thanks for the comment! ^ ^
The game is hard on purpose:
- during the second segment of auto-pilot you have to jump and land precisely on the arrow to dive down automatically.
- fot the triple jump you have to hold the jump button and have a perfect timing in the first jump with your tail near the right side of the first triangle.

There are no impossible level I tested them all. There is a way for everyone, just some perfect timing jump, it's a game made to be difficult and to have a lot of deaths.

Sorry for the medals, they gave me problems during gameplay.

Thanks again for commenting and for playing, too! ^ ^