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Reviews for "El Papel"

Very similar to Silly Sausage from Nitrome. Quite a good game and I had fun with this one.

Also I like how they spoke Spanish but there were English subtitles. The music was quite enjoyable as well. Game had its funny moments.

not much to say other than 5/5

WHY? WHY? it felt so short, so you'll have to hurry on that second game! by the way, viva mexico cabritos! (?) okno~ it's weird to hear something in my principal language xD but hey, great work, great humor and the music is sticky but not annoying, why not 5 stars? if the music weren't annoying the sounds of the macho were a little bit ...maybe add a fx mute option in the next one?

why everything mexico-based is drawn in this style? xD LOL but I always liked it

so are you the guys that made guacamelee... same theme and art style.