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Reviews for "El Papel"

Playing this game was a nice, short and fun experience. I feel you could have made some deeper puzzles with some of the mechanics presented.

Still, well worth the few minutes I spent playing. It delivered exactly what I was waiting for: a fast and interesting experience with nice visuals. The sounds were amazing - music, effects and specially the voices.

Also, about the description: "(...)to solve 40+ puzzles". There are 41. I guess it's technically accurate, but still, that made me laugh.

This is amazing. I feel like I've seen the mechanics somewhere before, but the Latin American spin this game puts on them and the surreal nature of the puzzling set it apart from most other things. If you expanded this, it would be more than worth paying for.

It reminds me of the work Terry Gilliam did for Monty Python's Flying Circus, if that means anything to you. I don't know if you're young, or if the kids these days know the Flying Circus. It's a good thing.

This game is AMAZING. Outstanding job!

Very good highly polished casual puzzler but get boring quickly.

Grandioso juego, GG, the art, the gameplay, the story not so much.
I just have 2 issues, 1, that some of the truduction is not well made or im not hearing it well, like the word "chingada", its actually very rude and very significant like the F word but in mexico, the other, I've went to check if I got all the stars, then there were red levels I couldn't play and the beforehand ones had 0, i've betten the behorehand, and the red levels have 3 stars, Its just bothersome.
The ending, if I use cliche knowledge, the bad guy is the ma.... something, its odvios, but everything else is A-ok, so there you get why I give 4.5.