Reviews for "Shark Lifting"

You really like sharks, dont you?

Well, that was pretty weird. It was just me lifting a shark up. I guess I was hoping the graphics would be better. Still, I managed to beat this game. I got a score of 35 seconds. I really don't know how you can do it in less than four.

I thought I was a master clicker. At least it gave me what it said. The sounds were pretty good. It's just that you have made better. Still, nothing too wrong about it.

Simple but fun game.

Simple but fun.

Great, easy fun for those who just want to click very quickly. Although, I would like to see this go a bit farther. Maybe after you do so well, make it a bit more challenging (say, the shark wiggles and it causes you to have to balance it) and add some elements to make it more strategic as well.

I do like the idea though! Great work!