Reviews for "Shark Lifting"

Awesome game! all of your games are just amazing

I really liked this game for a few reasons:

1) This is the first game I've played where you lift sharks. Shark lifting has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. Sometimes I look up shark lifting videos on youtube and pretend that I am out there on that dock, and that I am a shark. But I digress.

2)The graphics were really good!

3)The music was masterful and invigorating to the soul.

My only complaint is that there were only five levels. I want to lift sharks more, that last shark was barely a challenge. Perhaps in the next one you can have different types of sharks, different colored sharks, maybe bigger burlier guys lifting those sharks with each level. And one of them is all suave and handsome. And good looking, like he could lift a thousand sharks. And maybe have like a mustache and sunglasses but not look creeper about it, you know, just like a handsome guy with like lots of money and maybe some chest hair. Like maybe bronzed skin and like blue eyes and a speedo and not very hairy legs, but like a little hairy. Just enough to be manly. I dunno where I was going with this, good job on your game 5/5 oh yeah I remember lol, I like sharks. Rawr

Well yea, that's cool and shit but did you know what would be even better? Frank's Adventure 5 ;D

The second best game about clean + pressing a shark I've ever played.

A quick and easy game (in a good way). You should make it a bit more challenging.