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Reviews for "Abducted by Aliens 2"

I couldn't work out how to get an eight for the green digit. Four lockers and four letters on the stop sign? e.e


Hmm, I don't know...I guess you didn't have much time to spend on this one. Two minutes, done. If the game breaks at the end, musical disaster mix, just reload to get the last medal. I think all the parts should be very equal in scope and difficulty. One part great the next part meh, is disappointing, especially with such a story buildup. Did we really need a part 2? Perhaps it should have been tacked on to part 3, then being a 2 part series. More parts in a series isn't always better, just a longer single complete game might be best, but then you wouldn't get the daily draw would you? If each episode becomes poorer, then maybe people might just get turned off and wait for your next game. I suppose they can't all be winners, but I think after all of your experience that you would absolutely know what you are doing, and I suspect that you do, I just don't understand your goals, yet. Good try though.

selfdefiant responds:

Yeah, I was having an off day. I should have gave it more time and thought. I think you will find the next one is better because I did just that. I was going to release part 3 on Friday. Instead, I waited until Monday and made it better. You will see. Thanks!

Wow, much easier than the last one! I think you'll strike a good balance eventually. Either way, they're are always fun! I love that the alien's name is Jerry.

I'm also having trouble with the "Sleep" medal.

I'm noticing some similarities with in the props Abandoned Ship and the environment in Escape Space. Same aliens, perhaps?

selfdefiant responds:

Nice eye! Thanks!

nicely drawn an fun. What more can you ask?

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! I appreciate it. :)