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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

There are many gameplay bugs that make the game annoying to play, random malfunctioning of the commands sometimes means death. Luck based gameplay is also wrong, because you need to play and replay just to get another chanse at random items. I totally understand that this is an alpha demo.

On the other side, the concept looks awesome, the difficulty (if not for the bugs) it's not bad, its challenging and engaging. I really hope the finished game to be longer than 20 days, to let you explore the city, rescue more survivors, with harder bosses and better weapons, also significant interaction between the survivors would add lots of interesting situations.

Over all, this demo made me want this game so bad. Excellent work guys, i can't wait to play the finished game.
5/5 Thank you.

lol pewdie and mazia 5 quick stars

Really amazing game! Interesting concept, difficult and requires thinking. I'd really love to purchase this game, really worth it. But there are some points I would like to talke about: Difficulty: I have noticed many people find the game difficult and even impossible. But I have played this game a few times already and managed to beat it. It's not impossible, but really challenging, and might take a few tries.
The supply system: It's not broken at all. In fact, once I got the hang of it, I managed to find so many supplies to survive for about 4 days in a row doing nothing. The supply drop rate is ok, you just need to plan ahead carefully and sometimes split the team to look in 2 areas each, but being careful about the strenght balancing and weaponry. One thing I agree with the rest is that the hydroponic farm upgrade series are really not worth it. I think a 40% chance of creating supplies would be ok, but right now I think it's much smaller than that and a little bit like it in the last tier. It really neads some tweaking but its nothing too serious.
Beating the game: Everything else about beating the game is fine, even the zombies difficulty. It's easy at the beggining but starts getting worse around day 5 or 6.
But overall it's a really nice game. I'd just like the hydroponic farm to be tweaked, which is pretty much the only issue here, the rest of the game is nice, fun and challenging so keep up the good work! Hope to see more content on the game once it's out! Thanks for the amazing game.

Hint for those who cannot beat the game: Split your team. If you want to move to an area with harmless zombies you can just send 2 or even 1 of your survivors (if you're feeling confident) and make sure you take someone who can search fast with you. That's pretty much the trick, making teams when there is no danger and taking the whole team if the are you're going to is frantic or higher. Also, do not spend points in the hydroponic farm, it's really not worth it. You get enough supplies buying them from the merchant or doing split-loots. The best thing to work on the workshop right now is the weapon upgrade. Just keep working on it, it's really going to pay off and you're going to be able to survive on the later stages of the game. I have already beaten the game 2 times, so it's a proven strategy. Good luck!

Great game, I really enjoyed it. The only problem I had was that sometimes when I clicked the reload button, the click wouldn't register, and instead all my characters would get deselected.

I had to restart about 10 times before I finally figured out that the hydroponic farms were worthless. The best strategy I found is to put the girl, scientist, and worker on upgrading weapons immediately, and the cop on missions. This allows you to finish the first weapon upgrade at the start of day 2, giving you the incredibly powerful AK47. Then just keep ugrading weapon and doing missions with the cop. The AK (and later the benelli and AA12) should make the missions easy. Another helpful strategy is to try to get to a merchant ASAP, since they sell you supplies for $100 each. Their locations are assigned randomly and marked by a $.

This game is fun if you know what you're doing. Each character are good at something especially the ones that are fast at searching for supplies and weapons