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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

you're asking for money when your controls don't even work yet? Not to mention your intended mechanics punish players for no reason at all (random dry spell of food, random missing while at 100 accuracy, random character de-select, random character ignoring commands). Take this down and put it back up when you have a functioning demo, not a jaggedly gibbed animation script.

Okay, I'm mad. I spent numerous hours playing this game. With the trick of opening and closing the window, I could reset the areas to get what I needed. I played areas over and over again to get car batteries and duct tape. I also managed to get 2 fellow survivors to help play, for a total of 6. In addition, I made sure every area had turrets I could emplace to help get my game.

I spent a lot of time, and on day 17, I had enough of everything. I went back to my base for the final time, fixed the car, and then started going full tilt on the final upgrades I needed and then I suddenly DIED. All I needed was a food upgrade and to test the armor and then I would have left but for NO REASON, I get a death screen.

Worst of all, I don't know what happens when you leave in the car. Bad enough this is a perma-death game but just getting a random total party kill is absolutely infuriating. You shouldn't have game crashes like that.

Totally killed my enjoyment. I wish I had never played this stupid game.

In short; this game has much potential, but is too imbalanced for now

The problem that sticks out like a sore thumb obviously is the randomness of the resources. Some players -but not everyone- complained about how scarce the resources are. Truth is, some players can visit three locations and find more than 11 supplies, 2 weapons, 7 gas tanks and lots of money. But others will do the exact same effort (search every object, kill every zombie etc.) yet only could find 3 supplies, no weapons and 4 gas tanks, then get game over. The second unlucky group will be understandably frustrated, and with good reason, they did everything by the book then they were let down because the resource allocation -was rubbish. So the problem isn't that there are too few resources, but rather that the minimum amount of resources that you -the player- can find is too low.

I can see why some players would complain about the controls, but that hasn't been a problem for me. More importantly, I can't tell for sure, but the game doesn't seem to save or give you an option to save your progress each day. You'll find a profile box at the top left corner of the start screen, but click it and you'll only get and empty panel. If it's true that the save isn't working then it makes this game less inviting to play, and even less when you count the imbalanced resources. It just doesn't make it worth the effort.

Though the developers should be given the benefit of the doubt since this is still in the alpha phase, so we'll see if they pick up the slack and balance out these flaws, that would bring the full potential of this game. Talking about its better features, the pixel art style looks promising and so is the creative character design. The random generated map is great and the character equipment and customization works well. Gameplay seems entertaining but I still wouldn't recommend playing it -yet-, at least til they've worked out some of the kinks.

All in all it's never fair to give a rating to a game that isn't even in the testing phase, you can't really speculate about a developer's intentions til you see their end product. But I will say this, I hope the makers of the game will pay close attention to what their fans are writing in here. If they focus on the features that the players enjoyed, and fixed the setbacks that were bugging many people then they'll bring this out to be a very well-made game.

Rating: None (alpha)

Oh, "gems". So this is now a pay to win flash game? Nice, really stepping up from the original Infectonator games. I suppose I could ignore that, but the second I saw "Pewds and Mariza", this series instantly became absolutely unplayable.

Oh wait, I mean: