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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

we want the outbreak team in infectonator:survivors

great concept and features. however, the supply drops are far too stingy. I also strongly dislike how occasionally a selected character will de-select for no reason. difficulty is also too high and is overly randomized. starting the game with not enough easy areas near initial zone isn't terribly sensible.

with some tweaks and balance issues fixed this could be a damn near perfect game.

I like this game very much but when i played i sent only 2 of my men and they died then i only had 2 squad members left so i would say these 2 things 1.how the heck do i get more squad mates? 2.send 4 of ur men no matter WHAT

Great game. I liked how you are able to control all characters at once. combat leads more into running around in a circle, to avoid enemies. I dislike the single click system. The hit area for your mouse when you want one character to do something is frustrating and has killed me more often then just telling the whole group to go do something. I also dislike the fact when you group all of them and send them to search or build, it takes the slowest guy or gal to the place and start searching/building. If it did the fastest person in the squad like Ted can search fast or Mike who builds fast. I Do like the work around the selecting one character with the mouse, by using the numbers 1-4. The game also mentions survivors., I have yet to see anyone else who would join the party. Last thing I would like to note is the randomness in the maps really helps from making it a stale game.

For what it is, I cant complain. It is very interesting to see the other side of Infectonator, and the game is actually quite playable and has a good take on the 'addiction' factor. It has good mechanics, is a good challenge, and has many options.

But with good things said, there are a few things I can easily say about this game that was a mistake. Like the reference. References in games are awesome. Usually. But when you put a insanely obvious and bias reference in a game (I'm referring to the Pewdiepie and Marzia team.), it kind of takes away all of the awesomeness of a reference. Put an easter egg or something, not a youtuber team that you can see right when you open the game.

Also, really guys? A PAY TO WIN FLASH GAME? Where does it end with you people?