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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

I was making a soldier reviving when the screen went forward for next waves. Just so ugly and unworked on this point.

I like a lot infectonator, but not really this one because of some details like the one i told you about before. This one isn't worked enough.

WAAAAAAAY too hard. I cant beat even a single mission after securing the headquarters. It is really annoying that the screens change automatically. Make it so there is a screen exit that you can move too. It is so hard to get all the searchable spots, and I keep losing people because the screen changes right when I am almost done reviving them.

A great game idea, but it needs to be rebalanced.

Another good game from a good author! It is awesome, keep making the Infectinaor series! ;)

Ok after playing the game for a while here is my main....ehhh "tick off"(?) I dunno. What bugs me is that the screen change happens without me wanting sometimes. I've lost the scientsist far too many times just because the screen would change right before I revived him. Other than that it's pretty damn amazing and I find it very interesting especially that even the starting level changes every time you start a new game!

This is one of the best tactical games i have ever played on newgrounds,fantasic, crazy hard but really fun. you are in the right direction, keep it up. There is somthing i want to bring up, i found a room that had no openings but zombies inside, there was no way for the game let me inside that room, after about 30 minutes i was forced to abandon the mission, other then that this game is superb

toge-games responds:

Wow, that's a bug in the random room generator. Thanks for letting me know about that, will investigate it