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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

half a second to revive "NOPE! MOVING ON FUCK HIM!"

-Graphics? Nice and with style.
-Sound? Good.
-Gameplay? Way to random.
Just lost a game in a 6day with 3k cash. NO FOOD ANYWHERE, no SHOP in that game.

You already have the ticking time bomb at the 20th day, why make it SO dificult to find food? Griding isn't an option.

-Transitions to other scenes: "Let me just get this thing/revive him... NOOOOOOO". Yes, making it that way give you a intense gameplay, but at least let you chars finish what they started doing.

-"Scavenging turret is really not worth the risk as you have to stop everything so one of your character can loot it while you are being swarmed with zombies that can now pass freely. Unless you're at the end of the stage and then the transition prevents you from doing so."

100% agreed.

-"melle attacking etc"

100% agreed. The only, and ONLY good thing about melee is that you don't have to recharge. So, cops are the best units. Attack is ranged, perfect aim and can run away while fending the horde. Just give the cops perk to everyone, it is the best perk in the game (yeah , it's the only one). Or give us a reason to use a melee weapon, such as: 1) Can construct turret/search and attack at the same time, 2) special meter - X numbers of attacks or Y time = AOE damage, 3) Damage reduction/denial %.
Melee is useless, so theworker is useless. The only good thing that is making a turret cand be done by anyone else and still be usefull after building it (20% aim OR melee).

-SHOW us if the mission is a HUNT mission or a Tower defense. (what are we defending again?), it's horrible to play as a constructor in a hunt mission, because he is useless (can't build turrets, can't use a gun (20% aim).

-Random upgrades - "You get a chance of having food! %? Nope, a unknown chance.Eat up you food and after 3 days you'll, maybe, get 2 supplies.

-Playing alone (1 char only missions) is the best way to level up and get money (Solo char in a RTS/tower defense?). Char that are in the workshop don't get EXP, falling behind.

-Random objective drops -> Can't see my inventory if I have the parts to make the car upgrade. Don't know where can I get them (it's all random).

Well, at least the game is playable, has good graphics/sound and huge potential, something that is really rare on early access games. Keep up the good work.

rush rush and rush around town more...... that's all you need to do for now.

$ = merchant so you can like buy weapons for $400~500 ea for your team.

Crafting anything seems pointless since it's an extremely low chance of getting any Supplies and you don't get to have your 4 man team unless you find another survivor.

Are we going to be able to do anything after the survivors get back from work? Annoying that it's only 2pm and we have to go sleep until tomorrow morning.

I really, really REALLY wanted to like this game, I am a big fan of the infectionator serie but as it is the game is an absolute mess and completely unplayable. I know the game isnt complete yet, but before uploading this onto newgrounds for feedback and help wich i totaly understand make sure that a random person can play through the game and even manage to finish it.

Now for the actual flaws :
-The game is absolutely Ruthless and unforgiving. If you didnt happen to magically find some supplies you are going to die. Over and over and over again because of the starvation. Now I wouldnt mind that the supplies are scarce if
1°)The fact that you stumble upon food is completely random and there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than raiding all the Burger fast food desperately looking for food and finding nothing. You should make it so that at least there is a minimum of the supply needed offered to the player upon completing the mission. Or else there is no point (It also doesnt make sense at all to risk your life to go for one particular supply knowing there's a good chance you wont get it and you are wasting your time)
2°)If the players started with actual food supplies. When you start the game you have only enough food for one day. Now if you're a gullible new player as I was, you start poke around the upgrades see what you can get, and then you die because your characters starve to death. A good basic food supply would allow the new player to experience the game a bit more before dying of the most unepic way in a zombie apocalypse (Let alone in a game, it's the "You died of disentery" of this game.
3°)Upon my desperate struggle to find food I raided a lot of buildings only to find barely anything in it. Hence condamning my characters to die one after another. You should really raise the drop on supply. Or making it something that the player would win automatically by raiding certain places.
4°)It makes finding other survivor the worst thing ever since they are going to punction on your already low food supplies.
-Transitions screen are an absolute nightmare. As I mentionned earlier, the main and only reason I went on zombie killing mission in the first place wasnt because it was fun to kill zombie but because I desperately needed Ammo and there is nothing, nothing more frustrating than leaving a perfectly good screen with plenty of unchecked drops to go to the other. It also means if one of your character is dying you have a good chance to leave him behind. This is garbage. Not only it is unpractical but it doesnt make sense with the main goal of the game wich is to gather supplies to survive. You need to implement a "Go" arrow or something like that because this is absolutely cringe worthy.
-Let's talk about the actual gameplay. Most of the time I ended up dying by the ends of zombies because the IA is quite bad. When I order my whole group of survivor to go to that dumpster and look for supplies only the first characters moves while the other stand idly around this making him zombie meat if it happens during a wave (Wich is always the case because if not there is a transition screen) the group needs to move along the looter to protect him. It shouldnt force me to select the looter and then select the group to go follow him. As I'm playing on a laptop with a laptop mouse this is also quite difficult to pull, as you tend to mess up most of the time and get your guy killed.
-Sometimes the character choose to take the long way around when you try to make him go loot something. The long way around usually implies him going through zombies and dying
-You waste your money away trying to get turrets up so you can loot in peace wich mean you usualy have nothing allowing you to revive dying characters.
-Scavenging turret is really not worth the risk as you have to stop everything so one of your character can loot it while you are being swarmed with zombies that can now pass freely. Unless you're at the end of the stage and then the transition prevents you from doing so.
-Melee attacking is almost useless. The hard hat axe weilding survivor is prone to get swarmed anyway by waves of zombies and while he is quite powerfull, with the scarcity of supplies and way to refill health when you're low on food you dont want to risk it. The reward really isnt worth the trouble. You're better off wih a gun shooting character.
-On hunting missions you end up trying not to kill the zombies before you loot the place, or else the mission ends. It's quite frustrating and I dont believe that was the goal of such missions.
-I found a bug. When you launch a zombie hunting mission the screen goes black as it loads the maps. If you press the setting button at this moment and then go back there the map doesnt load. At all.
-Wich reminds me, please add an input for "P" as the pause button ?
-The warfog on zombie hunting maps is not only unecessary it's downright annoying. When you managed to dodge the last zombie so you could loot in peace and then spend about 5 minute hunting it down through the map it will drive you insane.
-The game allows you to explore further locations you have already explored...When it fact it only reloads the old map you just completed without the loot you just took making you lose your entire day for nothing. Please be more precise and explain to the player that he is not exploring further but revisiting the place.
-As for the upgrade system I tried to maximise immediately the upgrades that allowed me to gain food everyday (For obvious reason), Since I had to go out for supplies anyway or it would have been all for naught I tended to leave 3 of my survivors and to take the cop on zombie hunting on the first day managing to loot most of the place and surviving with low HP. And then I died because there was no other place I could get food from.
-The fuel system to create upgrade is also a terrible flaw in my opinion. Because Fuels defines how many attempts you are going to be allowed to do, forcing the player to spend a whole day upgrading if he want to make his fuel worth the trouble instead of just letting one guy work on it while the rest of the party go and explore the neighborhood. This is very annoying because it's already frustrating enough to have to leave some firepower behind, especially on levels where the zombies are frantic or dangerous, but when you need to upgrade, EVERYONE has to be there, or else this is just a waste.
-You have to calculate how much you wanna upgrade precisely, if you assign too much people on one project the point will end up being wasted. How about making it so any excentary point are to be transfered on the next level ? It's annoying to have to sacrifice a fuel tank only for one guy to add ten point to the upgrade. Thus forcing the player to make a loooooooooot of planning. And since the game is so randomly generated, planning is nigh impossible.
-Upgrades, as for supplies go, are really a complete waste. Not only you sacrifice everything to get ONE upgrade done, only to get one food a day and die of starvation anyway. Thus making their usefullness very limited.
-As I said earlier not only reviving character from camp is too expensive, reviving them at the end of the day is useless since the day after that they are dying again.

In conclusion the game need severe tweaking and it needs it now so we can finish it and give you an actual complete review of it before you go on and sell it on steam. Since now hardly any reviewer can get far, you are going to waste your chance to get a complete review and feedback.

The game look good, and will probably be good when the tweaking is done but right now it is a complete unplayable mess.

Not nearly enough resources. It feels like I can't even do anything in the game because starvation happens just a few days in.