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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

too hard. and with quite some bugs. and boring for me.

Game is fun. The WORSE part about this game is that the objectives for the car are random. I made it to day 18 w/most of the 5x5 map fully explored and almost all the crafting researched... but found only a single metal beam. In fact in all of my games combined I've found 3 metal beams total. So it is possible to do your best and still statistically have no chance of completing the car. Not good. The food does get pretty tough... but it isn't impossible. I liked the challenge.

first a few issues.

One: left behind! I know it said a few times already but it needs pointed out again. There has been a few playthrews that I got my scientist down and finished an area while resing him (cpr) then they are like. " Nope never liked him anyways!" and walks away. an auto revive option is needed if a surv is down and the area is cleared. (if being resed or not)

Two: drop rates. I understand the beta/alpha design of this game and this is something obviously being worked on. there needs to be an indicator of food gathering/craft chance drops for the areas before they are entered. (such as a x% chance at large/medium/ small amounts of fuel/food craftables then a rich/poor meter to gathered res in that area.)

Three: swarmed? On day 15 with the second group option of survs I got to day 15 with over 20 food and fuel but was missing 1 car battery and I had searched EVERY location. So I thought what the hell, I'll play it out. I kept moving from location to another and on day 18 over 50 zeds swarmed me from 1 side (exact count not clear but 3 turrets had full ammo and were empty by the time I died when the second wave entered with me still dealing with the first. I understand lineral spawn rates but when you got 2 bosses, 4 boomers and 7 exwife zombies coming at you (exwife... hehehe my name for the mini female boomer looking types) you will be hard pressed to fend that off with 4 servs little alone 2.

Now for improvement ideas

ONE: drop rates. As mentioned before an explanation/chart of drop rates would be nice.
Two: perks. until other perks are implemented all servs should have the police perk on them. as for actual perks go I got a few ideas for those as well.
Doctor/medic- generates a healing aura slowly recovering all allies on stage (about 5hp a minute) and reses servs faster. also grants a 10 hp recovery boost at the end of each day.
student/scientist- grants a exp earning buff to all servs in group (if in party for mission or not and stacks if you have more than 1) also starts with 1 unused skill point and at level 2 (lvl 2 points not spent either totaling 3 points to spend) also grants an extra 10 research in crafting per day passively per one of these
buisness worker/banker- grants a money earning buff similar to students and grats a money income of 50 cash per level of all of this class
soldier/police- mod this to start with armor
construction worker/thug- starts with 50 additional hp and a self regeneration (similar to what I said to medic) grants an extra 10 construction per day as student/scientist
hobo/druggy- I would count these as 'special' survivors. When they scavenge (at a higher speed and drop rate) a special meter fills for them. When it is full they go into a berserk state (aka god mode) when you activate their special for about 5 seconds. after that they become in the dead state (needing cpr)
Leader/president- Basically your ace of trades. it grants buffs to all party members inside and outside of combat. There can only be 1 in the group. Does not carry a weapon but a flag or something like that.

Two: items. Basically suggested items

res paddles- instantly reses a sev
mines/c4- instant cast explosive traps
double mag/extended mag- increases cap/reload speed of automatic weapons
combat knife- a melee weapon as gear to be used when caught reloading. Limited uses! (can not be used if melee is main weapon)
drug needle- use to gain a rage buff for 15 seconds at the cost of 10 hp. damage is increased and action/move speed is up to doubled (up to cap+ 50%)

Three: quit option. Often times when I lose a serv I quit and restart. An option to outright quit/restart would be nice instead of having to go until nuke/starvation

would be cool interested in seeing more

I also really want to like this game, mostly because I dig the style and I'm a fan of the original.
The graphics and overall presentation is solid, but I just can't get over the fact that you have to right click in order to move the characters.
For some of us wishing to play on laptops, it's a huge pain (literally).
Why not make a WASD or double click option, or something to make this a pleasure to play instead of a turn off?
As others have stated, the lack of food drops are pretty frustrating as well.
Anyway, I realize that this is an alpha demo, so I hope you guys can get these things worked out in time for the full release so all can enjoy.
Other than that, this looks like it has some good potential.