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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

I couldn't agree more with the reviews that have been write before mine. It's a hard game, but it gets almost to an insane difficulty level after a couple of days. I've died dozen of times on just day 4 because there are no supplies to be found ANYWHERE. The total random generation of the levels is cool, but it does not help that there's no consistency in the supplies-place. As said before, it would be more logical to find a lot of food or at least some food in a store. In a house you would find some ammo or gun more often, and this is kicking in an opened door; a gunshop should hold some guns... But nope, there's non of those.

It also doesn't help that most of the street levels have cars in them... that just can't be reached. Annoying. And yes; a GO-> would help, instead of forced moving to the next screen. It helps that you can focus 100% on the killing of the big mamma's and fat bastards, and than later sweep the area clean of all drops.
Besides, how does the EXP work. You only get EXP when killing, which is weird, since you might as wel "learn and gain" while crafting new guns or farming. Right?

Anyways, I've tried a good amount of times to see if i can get any further than just the one time I reached day 15. But I didn't get past 10 later on, because of that low supply drop "bug" I just call it. Besides, a merchant; cant he sell those wood, duct-tape, batteries or metal bars? Might as well have'm sell those too, instead of just the regular weapons and armors.

But I'm repeating all those others now, so this was it.
It's still a pretty addictive game, if you're willing to look past the brutal difficulty..

well ...
this is fun until you stop making progress... thanks to lack of supplies that is very soon.
on day 3 :I

Pewdiepie and Cutiepiemazia and the cast from L4D MUST UNLOCK

Just a couple things
An inventory with all the craft items you have available would be nice, spent 16 days searching for materials, thinking I had all for the car I returned to the HQ only to find I have 17 ducktape I didn't need and still missing 2 metal beams, if the merchant held some of those items for about 1000 gold or more it could be nice if you're missing craft materials
Being able to stay on the mission once all enemies are gone on exploration mode, it's understandable that you can't stay long when you're just moving into a new area (or re visit) since more zeds could come in, but where you clean inside an area where you're already located then there's nothing else coming
From time to time a car blocks the access to spots where you can search, if you order a character to search, it will moonwalk in place since the spot can't be reached
Raise the inital speed of the worker, the only use so far of this guy is to craft and build quick turrets, his attacks can't kill the strongest zombies so it's likely he'll die trying, he doesn't help much in exploration missions due to his slow speed to flee if you're surrounded and he's terrible searching for any goods
Just like the swat member and the policeman being able to reload while they walk, other members should have special skills, didn't notice anything special about them

Besides that the game is great

For those who struggle with the game:
Reload, as often as you can for as long as zeds aren't in front of you
Keep moving, characters shoot faster while they do so, characters who can reload while moving are golden, GOLDEN
Be quick and manage your resources properly
Unless the mission is "dangerous" then 2 members armed with good guns can do it AND still loot everything, I know it, managed to search up to 5 spots with only the girl and the policeman, if the mission is to explore the place where you're located then one that can reload while walking is enough as long as the risk is lower than dangerous, sometimes you might need two even on freaky, it's up to how you think you can manage
Don't buy guns unless you haven't found anything past day 7 or so,
Buy as much food as you can, had a team of 6 and always had over 10 of food
Don't waste food healing a character unless they are close to death, even then a med pack would be better, take advantage of natural healing between days
Once you get your 5th party memeber try to do at least 2 missions a day, 2 crafting, 2 on the mission to move, 1 to explore the building (better if can reload while walking)
Don't be cheap, if you have lots of gold that you don't need and the mission is dangerous then buy turrets, buy armor, use the bombardment if they are swarming you and you're running out of bullets

Very interesting game that shows a lot of promise, and a fitting addition to the Infectonator series.

I found it enjoyable and engaging to a point. While I appreciate the sense of seriousness that permadeath instills, I felt that when the things went bad they went bad in droves. For example I tended to suffer many losses at go. I wouldn't just loose one of my best characters I lost three of them in one go which often left me with insufficient people to continue.

Specifically On more than one occasion that one of my characters went down and was dying, and I had someone else try to revive them only for the waves to finish (I have a love-hate relationship with the turrets for this reason), the stage to end, everyone still alive just standing up and walking away in the middle of the first aid attempt costing me a vital squad-mate. I found this turn of events rather vexing, Therefore the single most important piece of constructive I could offer is to alter it so when that happens the game assumes that they survivors finish tending to the character before moving on, sort of a 'Saved by the bell' mechanic.

Secondarily, I would also suggest that squad members assigned to crafting be awarded some XP for the effort and possibly a bonus upon research completion, say possibly in the range of +15% to +25% of the crafting award.

On a personal note I found it hysterical that my cop's nickname was "Con-Man"

It needs a polish and refinement however I understand that its an alpha build and therefore not complete. If this were a finished product I would have rated it lower, however as it is still in development I will make allowances that some or all of these issues will be addressed in the future.

I hope this provided useful feedback.
Thank you for your time and attention.