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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

My biggest problems are you are not allowed to keep searching after finishing a level, what's worse is that when your teammate is down right before a level is done, and the level finishes before the dying countdown reaches 0, you are not allowed to keep searching and your guy still dies! And you loose the inventory you had on the dead person! wtf

Everything else was fun. Please fix those 2 problems

Well, I think all already has been said in the others reviews, but in my view:

Good points:
The graphics are great, a beautiful pixel art, not heavy for the eyes.
The gameplay is good, easy selection of character and movement/action;

Down points:
Inexistence of an inventory, to see the amount of itens we have;
The drop of materials is too low, I survived until day 32 and didn't gained all the materials to fix the car;
So much randon events, sometimes an merchant appeared, sometimes don't, the same with your group being killed by zombies in sleep, independent if in a "beware" place or "dangerous"

And one of the most spoken phrase on the internet: sorry for my english, is not my native language.

Holy shit this game is hard ;-;

As good as impossible after day 8. Way to difficult. Also I got lot's of fuel but almost never those damn supplies. Not to mention I need 4 everyday too.

This game has much potential! There were a few issues I ran into that broke the flow of gameplay for me. As others have already mentioned, attempting to revive a team mate after all the waves have been exhausted, only to be forced into the next sequence, thereby guaranteeing the loss of a team member (which is frequently a game ending occurrence), is frustrating... and more importantly, doesn't make sense. I'm okay with frustratingly hard games... I'm not okay with game mechanics that make no sense. If you've got a team member down, and there's a pause between zed waves, you NEED to be able to get your team member back up.

Additionally, there are some control issues, where when I right-click and tell someone to search, instead of searching, the team member simply de-selects and continues standing there. Nothing is more frustrating and game breaking than characters not doing what they are suppose to do. I want to rate this game higher... I really really do.

Fix those two issues, and I could see myself coming back with a re-rating of 4.5 to 5 stars.