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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Nice game, a bit too hard.

It is somewhat annoying how i have to kill 43 zombies and have to run from the last one because there is the box i want to search :(
Other than that, great game.

AWESOME GAME! i understand that it is in active development, and i can't wait until it a bit more fixed.
its not that hard, just supply drop is really small and way to random.
first time i manage to survive with 7 people for a while, as drop was low, but it was, but second time it was almost none.
Still love your game, keep it going dude!

Game's great yet hard. You have to manage your squad's missions and supplies. Also I found Pewds while I was scavenging XD

this is absolutely great, but 2 problems, it's HARD, then theres the BBoyCire explains about, the person dieing before you get to heal him at the end of a stage, AND losing the weapon on him/her.... that's hard in itself