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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

I was in the process of reviving a guy at the end of the rounds, and he died because the game moved on; we just went back to our base instead of finishing reviving him. This is a nice idea for a zombie game, difficult to click the units, but a sense of running along trying to scavenge and survive. Well, not so much surviving in my case.

Personally, I enjoyed it to the point I kept coming back for more. However, I find myself repeating it again and again to the point that it was more frustrating than it is fun. If your goal was to make a very challenging game where you have to watch your every move and action otherwise you'll suffer as an end result, then good job. I feel there should be some level of 'balance' or 'fairness', I can understand losing members of my squad as a result of my own actions, but losing them because of a 'forced-camera-pan' just blows, and not to mention there is NO notification of any sort that there will be camera panning (which ends up with missed resources and possibly dead survivors).

Here are some recommendations that I would suggest, your choice if you'll want to follow them or not:
- Adjustable difficulty setting (some of us wants an intense challenge, others just want a relaxing stroll in a zombie filled apocalypse, why not have both ends play and enjoy the game? Easier settings = more loot / supplies, less enemies, etc.. Harder settings = less loot, more enemies, the 'ultimate survivor experience')
- Free will to 'advance' / 'move forward' / 'activate camera pan' / 'auto-revive downed' (on an instance that players will stay long in an area, they could be "rewarded" with more swarms of infected unless they move out of the zone)
- An 'Iron Man' mode (an option to have manual or auto saves, much like the difficulty options)

So far, that's my review on the game. I did enjoy it, and I do hope for more updates and improvements on the game.

played it like 2 hours now, for a alpha game its amazingly fun.

also its fkn hard and Iove it!

At least it's not another infectionator Clone.

seriously that kind of stupidity makes me not want to continue playing I get that it's a work in progress but shit like that should not be found did you even play test?

drop rates are too low first day mission done and im already starving because i found nothing
Pistols never hit with zombies right next to the survivors (BAD)
I click on a survivor 6-7 times and still won't select them

Seriosuly playtest your damn game ill consider buying it on steam if you fix these things and probally the 1500 other bugs that i missed because i don't want to play this in it's current state.

CutiePie and PewdiePie.. Just... Yes. I wanna play was them. xD