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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

lol pewdie and mazia 5 quick stars

It's overly difficult only because, when the zombie hordes are over it moves over to a new location. You barely have enough time to search anything before it moves on to the next horde, cause' its so hard to group all the characters together and move them all together. There's always a delay. I'm busy fending off zombies and have no time to search, because of the delay.
That delay is, even if a click directly on a character, it does not select them, only with persistance can I select the characters. I have click on them a couple times before I can select them. Also: when they are selected, if I click on the command to search an item like a trash can, they just stand in the same place and are deselected. Dafuq? No time to search for supplies means no supplies, which means death upon the characters. No es bueno.

toge-games responds:

you can use hotkeys Q,1,2,3,4 to select characters, or if you are using mouse controls you can select multiple characters by DRAG SELECTING like in RTS games.

Thanks for the feedback though :D

good and original game

This is a great survival strategy game. A lot of the games similar to this are very easy to work your way through and complete. But this one is absolutely punishing. Couple of suggestions for improvements...

1) A few more supply drops - going through levels and opening all the crates rarely even gives you 4 supplies so people start dying straight away. Everything else is acceptably difficult.

2) A number key to select all characters at once

3) The order the players are selected (top to bottom/left to right 1, 2, 3, 4) should position their place when you click to move. So the furthest left one lands where your mouse has clicked. and everyone else shuffles around them. That way you can have the strong melee character at the front taking any hits.

4) There is a slight bug when trying to search stuff, sometimes it just deselects everything and no one moves. And when you click reload when everyone if moving. it just deselects everyone. Fair enough you can't reload when moving, but it shouldn't deselect your team.

Definitely buying this game. Love it. I can see you get gems the more profile level ups you get but im not sure what they do.

toge-games responds:

Thank you! Thanks for the feedback and purchasing the game! Will try to fix those bugs and improve the game further :D

Btw, you can press Q to select all characters at once.

Gems will be used to unlock new contents and power-ups, but those are still in development.

Thanks again!

Boring, slow, and disappointing.
Feels more like work than gaming...