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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Amazing game, visually and conceptually. A few nagging things really cripple the fun though. It's way too hard from the beginning, if your going to make it so difficult immediately then at least allow people to restart the day (as unrealistic and gripping as that would make it). It's also not totally clear what's going on at the HQ, it's not even explained in the tutorial (as far as I've noticed). What's going on with the research? How to change weapons is another thing, like to unequip and give a certain item to someone else. Those unclear things are a big problem. Also, why the fuck is puddypie in this? How is he unlockable content? Overall though, a great addition to a great series. x

I played it several times.
For about one week ago it was hard as hell. Today it seems you push more loot + the timer for scene change. I'm sure you will get a good balance for the game in the near future. After over a week playing and houndreds of new trys I never win the game :)
But It's always fun and I will go on. Maybe some crafting projects seems to long, the food based projects should done in a shorter time and the possibility to buy craftingparts at the trader should be good.
One example: I played for 15 days in a 3 headed group and loot everythink I saw, but I didn't got some tape, I had enough rations to craft some projects (but couldn't fix the car because the missing tape) and chilled in the HQ. After day 20....game over :-(
Maybe I missed the Message where you say, that you have 20 Days to leave or I oversee something different. But it was quite frustrated because I done a lot of missions where I lost 2 teammates and it was very exciting the whole time. I couldn't imagine how to craft the stuff (to have a chance in the late games waves) and snoop trough the city and one AND all of this in 20 Days ;).

enough bad english said:
I'm a big fan of your work since Infectonator: World Dom. And Survivors is a fantastic project and I love even the Alpha Game sooo much! Keep on!

Man, and to think this is jut an Alpha Demo, imagine what they can achieve in the full game.

I've liked every single game you guys put out, i played the shit outta your infectonator games and didn't stop until i had fully beaten every single one of them, you just keep surprising me with every game being even better than the last one.

Wow.... Definitely gonna buy this when I can on steam... It looks like it could be extremely good with some polish... Better functioning mechanics.. Maybe a customizable survivor team.. The potential is great in this...

The fact im playing this for free is mind blowing. You need to get in with some big name company's. This is gold. Every time I play one of your games Im stuck for hours playing it non stop until I beat it. still working on this one lol. BUT PLEASE PLEASE Never stop making these. FANTASTIC JOB!!!!