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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

The reason im giving it a five star is this!

Flash ver: It is difficult in terms of getting characters deaths are pretty avoidable but the text deaths are so constant it jabs you in the back with constant losses and its harder for you to find survivors once in a blue moon it only happens

Steam ver V1: first version i played around the 0.40 mark it was easier to get survivors but the deaths OH GOD the deaths so i waited for a more stable version

Steam Ver V2 near the full release and there are these old guys that drop acid YES! even those hazmat suited motherf*ckers drop acid as well and to top it all off they explode! Bringing your whole task force down if you are not careful

Steam Ver V3: The full release... well they fixed alot of things like the old guys dont drop acid but the fattys do and i hated them before... until THESE MOTHER TRUCKING BRID CRAPPING MOHWAK GUYS TAKE THE FUCKING TERRIBLE CAKE AND THE GAME IS SO RNG ITS INSANE They stun you and if there any zeds around the area your whole group goes down in seconds!

The Good: this game is pretty unique with all its genre's mashed into one and sometimes when you get the grasp of the game its actually not that hard just make sure to have food dont overflow the survivors or else and better yet its not easy and i think thats why the steam version died so fast cause of its difficluty but at least the game warned you before playing or else you would have your ass handed to ya without knowing it but here are some words of advice

Advice 1: keep up the food

advice 2: Make sure you have your survivors fully loaded before fights farther than you hq

Advice 3: if a mohawk guy comes around just make sure you keep going backwards while fighting or your task force is as good as dead

Advice 4: if an ambush happens make sure you have 2 on each side and when a special comes around regroup if possible

Why i diecided to write a review here: its cause i want to warn people about the experience for the people on steam and newgrounds alike im not trying to put the FINAL BLOW on this game i think if people was warned about the expirence i had with this game i think it would be more fun

Now my personnel things about this game

i think roguelikes (espeacally team based ones) can be depressing at times knowning your gonna lose everything after one wrong move

Anyway enough about me being sad i think this reveiw has gone on long enough already so im just gonna leave it there bye!

so hard

I really like this game but it's very difficult to fix the car

I've beaten it! Not that that is some achievement, but it took a lot of tries. I'd say, the right things to craft from the start are crucial. Daily supplies have a low probability, they won't keep you fed. Got the weapons to Tier 2 instead and that helped a whole lot.

Just a good game :D, Also don't stay in the same building too long. Zombies can track you down and it is game over.