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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

When I first started playing this game, I got addicted very fast. The art, music, and gameplay are phenomenal. I especially enjoy the squad like aspect of moving through levels and the micromanaging that this game requires. I also like that outside of missions, squads can devote their time to building useful equipment. I do have some complaints with this game though.

The first is that the game can still use some balancing. I say this because when I first started playing the game, I would try to build things that would increase the likelihood that I would get supplies. Each time I took this approach, I never made it past day 8. It wasn't until I neglected the upgrading altogether that I made much more progress throughout the game. I also feel that the 'chance' that supplies are produced for each upgrade can be improved a bit. Simple heuristic fix.

The second thing that bothered me was the absence of tutorials to guide new players along the game. The very first time I played the game, I thought it was strange that when I looked for missions I only saw one area (which was the base). This influenced me to stay in the base and keep upgrading until hopefully a new mission would open up. I later learned that it is required to replay the base level before you can advance...why? But more importantly, this is something that can easily be prompted to the player or removed altogether. Another thing on this topic is the fact that (I believe) you need to defend your base, meaning that you must clean out zombies occasionally at your base location. On one of my run throughs, I was doing very well until I suddenly died. I spent too much time upgrading at another region, but when I died I wasn't notified of how or why (so to be honest I'm still unsure if this is the reason why).

Lastly (and this is just my personal preference) I think I would like the game more if it wasn't high score based but more of a continuous progression. Meaning, I think that it would be better if each day created a save slot that you could go back to in case you die instead of starting the game over.

Altogether great game that despite my frustrations, kept me coming back for more. If this criteria of guidelines was evaluated, I think the game would be much better.

A lot of fun once one got past the extremely frustrating "what do you MEAN farming is useless??" deaths. Even fully upgraded, scarcely worth the bother.

I'll do my best not to belabor that point--what I will say is that it might be interesting to have a mechanic for developing holdfasts, areas you can travel to without having to clear them all over again, and can develop a little infrastructure (like, say, when you build a farm there, you are able to acquire all the supplies it generates on the turns you're away, or something like that).

As has already been pointed out, the game veers wildly between easy and horrifyingly difficult. I had a crew of lvl 4 guys all decked out in armor with full-auto weapons and four fully loaded turrets get wiped out at one point, while on a level of the same "difficulty" I had my craft-team (mostly lvl 2 and 1) with lower-tier weapons succeed, because they didn't encounter the long-haired hag-hulks.

And yes, tape. Good thing I read the review hint about tape BEFORE going "ooh I'd like better turrets!" or else I would not have been able to complete the game.

The portraits for the characters are lovely, and I like the little blurbs by each one (though I do agree with the sentiment that the female characters are very one-note.) Atomic did not have one, I note, but I wasn't sure whether that was a glitch or whether you simply haven't given every NPC a portrait.

I think the armor-piercing thing could be improved, made into a passive buff that gives a chance to penetrate rather than an activatable one that always penetrates and then is expended.

I dislike the lightsaber. There, I said it. So many good and fitting zombie-slaying weapons out there and homages to make, (the "lobo" from the World War Z book, chainsaw hand, cricket bat, gravedigger's shovel, a double-bit axe named "OTIS", etc.) the lightsaber just seems bleh.

I found the steam game promotion a little obnoxious, personally. I get that you're professional gamemakers and promotion is necessary, but I've always found the shareware demon "if you pay money, you can unlock this thing" to be a galling advertisement tactic--and what's more, it hasn't previewed stuff to me that I'm terribly eager to invest in. Something like an unlockable promo code might have served you well, but I dunno. I did find it irritating to get additional gems that had no use whatsoever.

And yes I continue to have issues with transition from areas where the characters go over but the camera doesn't pan, and find it annoying when it doesn't give me enough time to search an area before going over (if that's meant to give replay value to an area, then I'd reconsider, because it's just not terribly fun).

All-in-all, however, I like the music, I like the visuals, I think you've managed to blend a lot of elements very nicely and the game is fun. I hope to see further improvements and hope your steam release goes well.

This game needs a save function badly. Otherwise it's a good game. A little bit too hard to find food though... and the food projects doesn't seem to help anyway.

This is really addictive! Best game I've played in a long time.
One problem though, sometimes when I try to execute an action i.e searching/healing it deselects the character instead. This is one of the biggest problem for me. Also can you pls extend the timer like srsly. Other than that it is awesome.

Well I have to admit it, I'm hooked to this game, by the way I like the tactics approach, and a recommendation for those who are just starting to play it, just send two of your guys on every average mission, one fighter and one searcher, in this way you will not run out of food.