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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Love it!!!! Please relaease the full game on NewGrounds!!

really good game i like these sort of games were you have to plan what your attack is going to be and it gets addictive after a while, i wouldn't buy it on steam coz its still in working stage but when it up and ready i be buying it in no time

There isn't ever enough FOOD. I've played this game some 10 times now and they always starve to death.

The first time I played this game it was the demo on here - I would have given it 5 stars at that point because the game was catchy and fun to play... so I got on steam and bought it for $12.99. What a disappointment! The game is fairly buggy (issues with item drops) and gets VERY boring, VERY fast. There's nothing (in my opinion) that switches things up and makes the game interesting - pretty much every level is either a bar, graveyard or police station-like building and they all look nearly identical. Now, this isn't to say the game is shit or anything - it's not. But it DEFINITELY isn't worth $12.99. If it was priced at, say, $4.99 I would definitely buy again knowing what I know.

Really loved the game and music. I LOVE RTS games, and this game nailed it, it had a great balance from scavenging and action. one bad thing was that the sexy news lady was gone :P