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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

This game is very unique in that is both skill and luck oriented, and with that comes a HUGE learning curve...
whether or not the game is even possible on any given attempt is very dependent on how the items spawned...
some games i get good weapons which makes harder areas easier... but i can't find any supplies
and every starves.
some games i get more supplies and fuel than I know what to do with but my weapons are too weak to safely do missions and all my survivors end up dead on one wave... (That being said most of the time it's because I didn't tell them to move at the right time... still wouldn't have the problem with stronger weapons)
That brings up the next point:
There are some strategies to making your team last longer (even in bad situations):
1 Always turn on the tutorial...!
The tutorial is basically an extra mission that is nearly impossible to die on (and you can find many useful items if you're lucky.)
2 Understand how the missions work...
Every area on the map has two stages and each stage has it's own set layout. The first stage (I'll refer to as the "travel to" stage) is the stage you enter when your squad is moving to an area. There can be one of two instances for this stage: Defend and Ambush.
Defend is where the zombies only come from in front of you which makes fighting much easier as they can't surround your team and you can maneuver in a similar way to "Training" in CoD Zombies
Ambush is much more difficult in that, the zombies come from both flanks! Getting surrounded is much easier in this case; however it is still possible to "train" and keep your team alive...
A good practice is to build turrets but do not salvage them... if you find yourself entering the area again you can reload them for a 1/4 of the cost!
The next stage is the "Explore" stage... this stage is entered when your team is already posted in the area you are doing the mission. In this stage your team is going on a recon mission exploring, clearing zombies out and generally making it relatively safer. Since this stage is separate from the "Travel to" stage, the area has some new loot to be searched through.
All "Explore" stages only vary in layout, they always have the same sort of searchable items, only the "Travel to" stages vary in loot types
You can always return to search those missed item spots if you ran out of time before you could look through them, however once an area's stages have been cleaned out they're useless.
3 Know what to search and for how long...
You might have guessed that certain searchable items give better rewards relevant to what they are, for instance: Searching a vehicle (which can only spawn in "Travel to" stages) are the only searchable items that give out car batteries... they can also be searched through 3 times over!
Knowing what each item can give or most commonly give can make choosing what to search first an easy task because sometimes you will not have enough time to search the entire area... getting the better/more relevant items first is always helpful.
4 Know your way around the map...
Each area is a different city block. Some are Gas stations, Malls, Precincts, etc. You won't always have the option but choose the next mission area base on the city block... Cop shops are more likely to give you weapon loot in the "Travel to" stage, Gas stations more loot! This should influence your decisions on missions but not be a deciding factor.
Next there is a Zombie danger indicator you will see when you select a specific area. The danger levels are:
Harmless- nothing to worry about
Beware- You should be fine if you're careful
Frantic check and make sure you have good weapons (Tip: at this danger level and higher Turrets are life savers!!!)
Dangerous- probably a really dumb idea...
Infested- Not even once!
Always check the danger before going on the mission... note that areas explored will not rise in danger as quickly as unexplored areas, however if left unchecked they can become... problematic after a while...
In the beginning your team should avoid any areas more dangerous than "Beware"
5 Know your symbols!
sometimes around the map you will find symbols over building tiles, specifically these are:
The Car, The red and yellow marker, an exclamation point, a dollar sign, and a Zombie
The Car is the center point for your operations (you must return here to fix the car and travel!)
The red and yellow marker tells you where your survivors are hold up for the night they are always safe from Zed if not on a mission so don't worry...
The exclamation point means you have the opportunity to recruit a new survivor in the "Travel to" stage!
The Dollar sign indicates that after the mission you will have the opportunity to trade with a merchant posted up there.
The Zombie symbol means there is a boss zombie waiting to tear you a new asshole...
6 On missions...
Always make sure you supply the "Dead eye" of the team your strong weapons first... they will protect the team from Zed while they search or revive fallen allies...
if you have a moment of quiet RELOAD! always reload between waves or when the Zed are a good distance away, also search areas during this calm as well.
there are certain zombies that you must avoid at all costs! do not use melee weapons on them whoever is will die quickly... if the zombies look special they are special... you will quickly learn that lesson the hard way...
If you find a level did not generate the way you wanted or your team instantly died... do not exit the mission automatically... just collapse the game and expand it again it resets you back to the day you were previously on and your failed mission has not occurred... this little cheat gives you the ability to try again instead of having to deal with such unforgiving circumstances... this will change the stage's layout and if there is a survivor to rescue or a merchant it will change who they are and what they have in terms of inventory... It will also change the Zomboss if there is one
7 Survivors
Never kick out a survivor! It is not worth the saved supplies...
When survivors eventually level up you should strengthen a deficiency they have and increase one of their areas of strength (some survivors you find might be more well rounded so you should go ahead in increase one stats or two weaker ones)
This is everything I have to offer ATM of this review there are more things to learn and figure out on your own though!
And that long winded review is a my guide to making it into double digit days (Say that 5 times fast) with the first team this is everything I've learned to make the game easier. Anything I missed? go ahead and post some extra tips and tricks in a review above mine!
Anyway this game is very fun and overly challenging...
I'm assuming based on the beginning cut scene that there will be a small mini game involving the car when you fix it and travel
If someone could post a tips and tricks to it that would be great!

it eont load D:

very addictive and REALLY looking forward to full game
as it has been said before, seriously up the food. errybody starves. errytime. ferrevver.
you CANNOT find enough food to keep your team alive.
and when someone has fallen ill from starvation, thats instant game over as there is no way to find enough food for another round let alone for anyone to heal.
food (or lack thereof) really put a downer on this game for me. other than that and a couple bugs (next area began but screen did not change, my team were shooting invisible zombs on the new map -walls objects new- but it still had the 'skin' of the last one) this is a fantastic game!

It's fun and stuff but be prepared to die a lot! Do not buy on steam either its over priced and will disappoint you its still in early access so it has some bugs and I don't know if it's just me or a bug but sometimes when i tell a unit to do something they don't do it and it unselects them. To sum it up a zombie survival strategy game where your main objective is to keep your squad alive. Be warned though it's pretty difficult.

You have a good base here but you need to add a few thing that I think you all ready know about.
Firstly: Supplies or more to the point food. I understand that food would be harder to come by in this end of the world scenario but damn bro.
Second: I four man party is nice and all but unless you plan on making it so you can expand your clan a bit more and effectively, then the player will only have two options... Go find food and remain unadvanced; Or research and starve.
Third: Though the zombies do vary the levels are very non-evolving and that starts to tast bland especially at a price of a small pizza.