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Reviews for "Infectonator : Survivors"

Okay, I'm mad. I spent numerous hours playing this game. With the trick of opening and closing the window, I could reset the areas to get what I needed. I played areas over and over again to get car batteries and duct tape. I also managed to get 2 fellow survivors to help play, for a total of 6. In addition, I made sure every area had turrets I could emplace to help get my game.

I spent a lot of time, and on day 17, I had enough of everything. I went back to my base for the final time, fixed the car, and then started going full tilt on the final upgrades I needed and then I suddenly DIED. All I needed was a food upgrade and to test the armor and then I would have left but for NO REASON, I get a death screen.

Worst of all, I don't know what happens when you leave in the car. Bad enough this is a perma-death game but just getting a random total party kill is absolutely infuriating. You shouldn't have game crashes like that.

Totally killed my enjoyment. I wish I had never played this stupid game.

This game is really challenging at most but I love it when games do that to me. There's a few things that I like about from this but i mainly like that if your not careful you will lose. And to the guys who made this i give you 2 thumbs up :).

i just like to pick up one character and make him my main character ( the one that never dies)

A fun little game that fits nicely in the Infectonator series, and look forward to future updates. My suggestion is the Abort Mission feature should be a monetary penalty, as a health penalty when you're aborting because your characters are dying, causes a game over.

found a bug: reloaded in the middle of transitioning to another part of the level. Scene didn't change and had to fight gang of invisible zombies.