Reviews for "Gunmetal Black"

That was really fun!

Really good, but I feel the framerate could be fixed to be more fluid, kind've like in RWBY how it is. It feels too many frames are skipped and looks a little choppy, but it's still pretty decent. I like how things look minus the blurry filter (if it's a filter?) it looks kind've hazy, fuzzy. Also when she shoots the beam, I feel it should close in a straight line rather than retreat backwards, it looked kinda odd. But for what it is, it's really great! Can't wait to see the next thing you make.

Kel-chan responds:

Yeah this was 2 months ago- since then I learned how to make things a little more fluid- I might experiment with poser because the one thing MMD doesnt have is onion skinning - so I can't see the previous 3 frames which sucks for motion continuity

Also rwby uses mocap- which at this time I couldn't get working but now I can so it should be interesting

The film was fun to watch, however the lip sync was off.

Earned the badassery of its own title.

Cool, but at the part with the ninjas, I couldn't really see them before they took out their guns. Also, I couldn't clearly see the bot's details properly... Meaning, it was a bit blurry... But only a little bit.

Anyway, like I said, cool.

Kel-chan responds:

Yeah I found out how to fix that since I made this one so in the future the glare and blur should be fixed hopefully