Reviews for "Gunmetal Black"

The animation reminds me of being a kid watching "Reboot."

Well, you improved!

Kel-chan responds:

maybe- but I'm still not happy with this. ugh....

Also I had a hard time finding audio that even fit this

This is the bomb!!!!!
I wish I could do stuff like this!
Which 3D Programm is this?

Kel-chan responds:

just MMD and a couple of other things

my eyes x.x i can't even proporly comment because i was to distracted by the fact that whenever it focused on the characters they were freaking glaring out of the screen burning my retinas, please, reduce the freaking glowing character effect to when they are doing stupid shit from dbz like the super whatever bullshit.

Kel-chan responds:

explained in the description- the problem was fixed in version 9.21- but I didn't have that version at the time

it will stop at 1:40. And I don't think I'm missing much. Or maybe i'm too old for those things. Or tired to see the vezy same types of characters uttering the very same ideas or words, acting the very same with the very same attitude, thinking they are very special or very interesting. When will the manga or anime trend be renewed a bit? When will we be spared of the Shinji-like, the Naruto-like, the Sasuke-like and the Spilke-like male characters ? Or the whiny cuty dumb sexy girl? Or the male-like dominatrix sadistic and tortured one? May we have someday charactes who are not weirdos or unlikely and that one can identify to? I miss those days that stopped at the middle of the 90s with Evangelion, Lain and Cowby Bebop?

Kel-chan responds:

it was supposed to be super campy spoof of anime in general- the rediculous setup and whatnot- the "Episode 57" implying the series had been going on for way too long. Might wanna refresh or something after 1:40 its just a big fight scene until the end.

If you like those types of animes- check out seinen anime- thats the genre of anime you're referring to. Shounen has all the archetypes and stuff you abhor and honestly I do too- which is why I don't really watch anime much now since there's not much good and you have to hunt for seinen anime in western releases.

I might move into that sort of stuff which is what I'm interested in but most people aren't and complain it's too dark or serious- or the characters aren't funny or crazy. Or I should say- these are the comments I get when I do stuff like that.

The next project I'll do will have more of a story since someone else is writing it and it's not shounen based. I don't know exactly what to call it but hopefully it'll be better animated.