Reviews for "Gunmetal Black"

Awesome animation! Definitely has plenty of potential for improvement. The sound design is nothing special, but when you have to work with royalty free sounds you just have to make do. Action scenes were great, but the camera angles could have had more focus on the choreography.

If this was your first time doing something like this, then this is amazing. If not, its still really good. The only complaint i'd have is that about at 1 minute and 45 seconds in, I cant hear any of the talking over the background music, and the lighting gets a little darker for some reason, before going back to the brightness it was before. Unsure if that was intentional or not, but thought it warranted mentioning.
I know you dont really have any plans to continue this series, but I still really like it, and am looking forward to your future stuff!

Kel-chan responds:

I reuploaded the video because of that lighting problem and audio problem- you might have to refresh your browser or restart your comp to see the fixed version. thanks though

Your 3d animation talents in terms of motion elements are better than most, I really look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future because skilled 3d animators are incredibly rare. Even more rare are skilled animators who can take advantage of the latest technologies available on the market, like Kinect mocap, integrating motion capture with hand-keyed stuff, using hardware devices to animate in real time, etc etc... stuff that requires experience and patience, and 9 times out of 10 you can't just look it up in a manual and have to piece it together yourself :)

Kel-chan responds:

yeah it's crazy when you think about it- theres not much info on 3d animation in general besides basic posing.

I wonder how monty oum got started in the early 2000s when there was even less info availible

It's like a mix of SAO and RWBY... not bad

Kel-chan responds:

hmm i guess everytime i made a 3d anime thing ppl are gonna compare it to rwby now... -_-

Really nice! The motions look pretty natural, the fight's are fluent and captivating, and the music's a nice amplifier to the action. Feels the characters are unnaturally bright compared to their surroundings... but on the other hand the glow effects for certain attacks/powers/stuff are really neat. It seems the characters are the main focus, along with that giant robotic dude, wheras all other foes appear merely as shadows, subtly suited into the scenery. Looking forward to what mastery that new program can make, nice work!