Reviews for "Gunmetal Black"

I have to say that aside from the things already mentioned by other reviewers I very much enjoyed this, I hope as you work out the different issues we get to see the whole story. Keep up the good work truly awesome sample though.

Not bad. The one thing that really bugged me was that the music was too loud. And the voices. They were ok. That was until the music started playing and then I couldn't hear them. I raised the volume and the music STILL drowned it out. You really need to work on the balancing. I had to take away a full star for that.

But other than that, it was pretty solid. The story was ok, considering we were thrown in a random scene in a series that doesn't exist but should according to the plot. Animation was great. The fight scenes were good. But some of it was a little silly in that two melee fighters weren't exactly facing the full ranged capability of some of the enemies all the time, especially with the giant robot. But the overall solid animation made up for much of that. Overall, I say 8 out of 10 or 4/5.

PS: You seem to like making anime-Esq flashes. But lately you only animate a tiny bit from an untold story. Have you ever thought of completing more of these stories as whole series? I realize that takes considerably more work. But it feels strange when I get thrown into the middle of something like this that came out of nowhere and goes nowhere.

Kel-chan responds:

I have been doing these shorts to iron out and perfect my skillset well enough to make a series. I didn't want to start a series with crappy animation or some other issues like the sound or also the messed up lighting that this bad. I didn't know how to fix the super glow problems and my headphones for sound are really crappy .

If i'm gonna do a series- I'm gonna do it professionally and want it to have high quality. It's the reason I postponed the GPS series. The writing and quality kind weren't good enough to put out.

Good news is I think I am finally at that stage.

Now that I've learned what to fix, how to animate and put things together. Also now that I have some of the hardware like the Kinect for motion capture and know how to use it I can start making things like series.

I might have a patreon drive so I can get another kinect camera to make the mocap even better but I will been starting a series with my next animation. It should be done sometime in October and will be a proper series with things like Openings and whatnot.

Thing is- since I'm doing 3D anime now, I kind of want to do stuff near the level of Monty Oum's RWBY series- since thats what people will automatically compare this stuff to. I don't wanna be the crappy 3D anime maker especially when the competition is such high quality. It'll just make my stuff look bad and people won't want to watch a full series with so many technical problems.

omg it's not a real anime!!!

Ok. Music was great. I liked the fightey-fights. You seem like you know what you're animating when it comes to that stuff. Animation has a robotic look to it, and early on, there's an angle showing the redhead's legs, and they look kinda twitchy. It's a little distracting. Otherwise, not bad.

Whatever the variation in brightness, the face of the girl sporting the uniform is blindingly bright. most white or near-white colors are blindingly so. Is problem. Lastly, the music is too loud for me to hear anyone when they talk. Also I just cannot get past those voices.

And now for the griping. First, negative points for the school uniform. Second, negative points for the panty shot. I don't care if it's what some people like, if there was a Cinema Sins for anime, that would be a sin.

This redheaded chick asks if "we're almost there yet". The guy who's name sounds like a cross between "real" and "reason" just said which floor they were on. Floor 39, and this chick doesn't remember she's the one responsible for knowing how many floors are left to go. That's a job? People can hand you a device, say "there's this many floors, we need to get to this one" and you're expected to remember it for them? Just how hard could it be to remember "there are 50 floors, we need to get to the penthouse"? This guy even remembers that they're still on the 39th floor, so clearly it's not that hard to forget, either.

Next there are the robots with guns. Was it supposed to have been enough to convince all of them not to use their guns when just one of them whips its guns out and gets exploded by a sword. The robot doesn't even get to shoot, I don't know if that's a problem with animation or just a "nope, he pulled out his guns but he doesn't use them, that's common", but that's pretty bogus. This isn't something small you can just hand-wave. Near the end, the giant robot uses its mounted machine guns just one time. This is not a gripe. If you have gun, you're going to use gun. If you have more gun, you're going to use more gun. If your enemy has gun x10, you're going to want to hide from it. The characters do not get to be "super badass" or "too fast" unless they're superheroes or super-powered. The girl with the explody-rifle is able to distract it with her shots, so distracting it is a valid option. There's also this thing called "cover fire". There's also sneaking up behind the enemy to backstab them. Sword does not beat gun, sword needs help beating gun. Same goes with hands. Finally, there is that one moment when the big robot fires its laser of doom. After it inexplicably gets absorbed, it decides to NOT fire another laser, but jump and stomp the girl in the school uniform. Why? Inferior or malfunctioning programming? That's the only reason I can think of, because jumping with an intent to attack an enemy that is not prone leaves you open. Meanwhile, how does the laser fire that's as tall as a full-grown man and just as wide get absorbed by a sword? I hope this is explained later, and it'd better not be "magic", plus that laser beam was way too wide to hit just the sword, it cannot just be "it gets sucked into the blade once it hits the blade". Here's a concept: run out of the goddamn way, and stick the blade into the beam if you have to I guess.

Lastly, the banter. When a giant robot with mounted machine guns and a giant laser beam attack shows up, the characters cannot just be "cool" about it. I didn't hear what they were saying, but I get the impression that they decided to take a fatal risk of just standing there and talking tough to each other while the robot inexplicably does not terminate the crap out of them. They have to react. The fight is not over, the time for talking tough you save for when your characters are pinned down by enemy fire, or when the fight's over, or when your enemy is organic enough and "honor-bound" to let the other jabber on for a minute and a half before fighting.

Robots do not wait. Robots terminate.

Kel-chan responds:

Yeah I struggle with this with everything- realistically any robot drone vs a human would kill them instantly- targeting AI and all. The problem with guns in animes or action movies in general is realistically... the fight would be over in like 5 seconds? How do you extend that?

Unless you give the characters a gordon freeman HEV suit or something. Or make them into a cyborg

Its just a problem with making a scifi things in general- unless you give the human characters magic powers (*cough jedi) or something like that the fights would be not even a fight.

The easier thing is to focus on melee- give the robots swords or something (which doesnt make sense) Or give the heroes kinetic shields like in star wars or mass effect ( which negates guns mostly)

I'm trying something else in the next animation- giving the hero characters some tools to negate the deadlyness- but even then- If you create a world that has robots and want to give your main character a melee weapon- there's going to have to be some clash with reality.

Sorry about the skirt thing- I wanted the one character in a school uniform to make fun of anime in general but theres physics....theres no way to do a backflip in a skirt without baring all. It actually wasn't a fan service decision or anything. I just wanted that uniform- but i suppose I could turn off physics so you'd never have that problem but then it looks weird because the skirt is like metal since it won't move at all.

Lastly I reuploaded this after equalizing the volume so- if your tabs were open or your comp was on for a long time, NG didn't refresh. It's like that on my comp, on one of my comps it shows the old version even though i restarted- on my other laptop it shows the updated version...so meh.

I tried to make this as a "make fun of anime in general" since i started it at ep 57 and had these rediculously silly script. The enemy always gives the heroes time to make their stupid one liners and is in general- inept at fighting (hence goon squad tactics)

Thanks for the good review

Great job! Very reminiscent of Monty Oum's work with RWBY.

P.S. What is the insert song? J-Rock of some kind.