Reviews for "Abyss Walker: The Lost Is"

wat the hell?...... this game awesome loved ir

<3 AWESOME GAME 110 DUCKS OUT OF 5 :))))))))))))))))

I liked the game, my only problem was how slow the character is. Why is he a ninja if he's so slow? other than that, it was a great, well-made game.

Enjoyable game, with nice (if conventional) mechanics and a nice plot line, look & feel.

As balance goes, one slight problem: It needs more levels, as going through once on hard the first time is not enough to build up enough skill points to beat the final boss, although every other level becomes easy. "Hidden" zones can also be reached on first play, with no need to develop skills, so replaying levels tends to feel like grinding, not growing or exploring.

I noticed a bug: the kbd commands tend to freeze up, and need some mouse input before the kbd stops being ignored. This happens only after playing a few levels, so I'd guess some error in the level reset mangles the way the kdb is read.

Good work, keep 'em coming!

I couldn't advance past the second stage because of the ad - any time I tried to click on "Continue", it just took me to that stupid League of Angels page. Which is disappointing, because this is a really good game.

mrDN responds:

This is ad provider issue (CPM star). I will contact them to solve it somehow. Right now you can bypass it by simply refresh game page. Your progress will be saved and you can be able to start next level.